Corona: hearing test for newborns temporarily cancelled as of March 24 - ZuidZorg JGZ
3 april, 2020

Corona: hearing test for newborns temporarily cancelled as of March 24

The government has decided to temporarily cancel the hearing test for newborns, out of security reasons. As of the 24th of March, all scheduled appointments are therefore cancelled. This temporary measure, meant to minimise Corona-contamination risks, is at least effective until 6 April. We are investigating with other parties how and when we can carry out the cancelled hearing tests at a later date. Needless to say that we will inform all parents of children who are waiting for a hearing test of this new approach, as soon as we have more clarity on it. Please also check our website for updates:

The hearing test is mostly carried out in combination with the heel prick. The heel prick is not cancelled. The appointments are still scheduled at your home as usual,  if your baby and yourself do not suffer from a fever (>38 degrees Celsius) and if the baby is in the presence of no more than 1 healthy companion. If  the baby or family members do have a fever, the screeners will pay you a home visit in protective clothing.

A timely heel prick is necessary, because the illnesses it detects need immediate treatment. The hearing test tracks severe hearing loss. Treatment of severe hearing loss is also important, but can be delayed a bit more.

More (background)information can be found on the Dutch site: (you can use Google Translate).