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Support with parenting and growing up

Parenting is not always easy. Your baby might refuse to stop crying, for example, or your toddler may keep whining. Some children may struggle to make contact with others, while other children have problems eating. Every parent needs advice or support from time to time. Parenting problems or developmental delays often come to the surface at the Youth Health Care Centre, and when they do, we’re happy to help parents on their way.

If you’re looking for reliable information and useful tips, take a look at, where you’ll find all sorts of information about your growing child.

Positive parenting, triple P

The Triple P Positive Parenting program offers parents a series of practical tips for dealing with a range of family issues, such as tantrums or children refusing to listen or sleep. Positive Parenting, which we offer as a course, will teach you how to handle this.

Brief video training session at home

Parents and their children share a very special bond, but all families go through difficult times where this relationship can be strained. A video training session at home can help you nip minor problems in the bud before they get worse.

A pediatric nurse from the youth health care centre specializing in video training at home will visit your home to make several short recordings of everyday family situations.

Firm Parenting (Stevig ouderschap)

ZuidZorg JGZ offers the Firm Parenting program in several municipalities across the region. If your municipality offers this program, you will receive an envelope with information about Firm Parenting the first time the nurse visits your home. Firm Parenting is a parenting support program aimed specifically at parents who need a little extra support with raising their child. The program consists of six home visits by a specially-trained pediatric nurse.

* Only available in Dutch

Take care of youth

In Southeast Brabant, municipalities work with the ‘Care for Youth’ signaling system. Problems with children and young people between 0 and 23 years old can be identified and dealt with early on. The signaling system shows which authorities are involved with a child or young person.

Want to know more? Ask your municipality for information. Or, just as easily, at our consultation office.

Youth HealthCare

Mothers informing mothers

Mothers informing Mothers (MIM) is a program that links a (starting) mother to an experienced mother. This mother can be a mother for the first time, but that is not necessary. The experienced mother visits the starting mother every month. Depending on the situation and the wishes of the mothers, this guidance lasts on average 1.5 years. Together you discuss everyday questions and share your experiences.

This program is available in Veldhoven and in Best.

Are you interested as an experienced mother to share your experiences with upbringing? Or would you like to get support from a fellow mother as a starting mother? Send an email to You can also discuss it at the consultation office.