Corona: what about the risks for children and babies? - ZuidZorg JGZ
12 March, 2020

Corona: what about the risks for children and babies?

We can imagine your concerns about the risks of the Corona virus to young children and babies. At the moment children and babies who have contracted the virus have a bad cold and often do not suffer severe symptons. Children do not form a special risk group. That’s also the reason that child day care centres and schools still welcome children and babies with parents that have to carry out vital jobs. Please note though, that children can have the virus without showing any signs and then contaminate others. It is important to stay alert and be reserved in visiting those vulnerable with your children, for instance grandma or grandpa with health issues.

What are the risks to premature children
Children who suffer from a lung disease, can look forward to a far more severe course of the disease. As for all people with other health issues: follow the standard hygiene measures and stay away from people who are ill. These measures count for all viruses, also those who can cause the flue and a bad cold. It is therefore important to follow up on them.

Children and parents who have a bad cold, cough or a fever, are advised to stay home and not to visit our youth healthcare centre. They are welcome if they are 24-hours sympton-free.