Corona virus: Achtse Barrier location reopens June 15 - ZuidZorg JGZ
27 May, 2020

Corona virus: Achtse Barrier location reopens June 15

We are happy to announce that our location at the Achtse Barrier reopens June 15. As of that date you can schedule your appointment at this location.

End March we were approached by general practitioners at the Achtse Barrier with the request to temporarily make room for them at our youth healthcare centre, so that we could offer them enough room to handle (suspected) (Corona-)patients. This is no longer needed.

For safety matters, we will keep the location closed for a few days, then sanitise thorougly and even repaint the youth healthcare centre (thanks to our team’s efforts), so that parents, children, pregnant women and staff can be safely welcomed again.

If you have an appointment scheduled at our youth healthcare centre in Eckart (Airbornelaan 132, Eindhoven), it may mean that we invite you to our Achtse Barrier location instead. If this is the case, we will notify you personally.


Please contact the appointment desk: 040 2 308 020