Corona: how we deal with the current situation - ZuidZorg JGZ
1 June, 2020

Corona: how we deal with the current situation

Appointments walk-in hours and youth healthcare centre

ZuidZorg JGZ has changed their working methods to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. With these new working methods, we strife to minimise the risks for children during this Corona-period. The current RIVM-regulations offer room for more services to be carried out at our youth healthcare centres. We would like to inform you about our current working methods and what these changes mean to you.

What do these changes mean for you?

  • The 22 week vaccination for pregnant women is administered as usual, however your appointment is prolonged, to prevent more than 2 pregnant women to be present in our waiting room. This way you can also keep a safe distance from one another (2-meter minimum is advised).
  • Intake interviews are carried out by telephone.
  • From now on most of our consultations take place at the youth healthcare centre, as current RIVM-regulations do not restrict these anymore.
  • We ask visitors of 13 years and over as well as all personnel to wear face masks at our youth healthcare centres.
  • At the moment all 6-month consultations are cancelled. The following consultation is the 11-month consultation. This allows us to carry out the current Corona measures and prevent us from not being able to offer a 1.5 metre distance in our centre. Are you concerned about your child in this particular period, we kindly request you to  contact our appointment desk by phone (tel. 040 2 308 020).
  • Toddler consultations may be scheduled at a later date, than you are used to. Please note, that if you have concerns for your child, you can contact our appointment desk by phone (tel. 040 2 308 020).
  • Ten minutes before your appointment at the youth healthcare centre with a youth healthcare doctor or youth healthcare nurse, you have an appointment with the assistant for measuring and weighing your child. We kindly request you to not be present more than 10 minutes in advance. If you are over 10 minutes early, we might request you to wait outside the waiting room. This way, we can prevent crowds in our waiting room.
  • If you make use of the changing pad, we ask you to sanatize it after usage. We will provide spray detergent and paper towels to do so.
  • Vaccinations for children will continue as much as possible.
  • If required and on indication only, some other consults are also scheduled at your local youth healthcare centre. These are brief moments of contact.
  • In some cases, an intake may also take place at an agreed location.
  • The current walk-in hours are cancelled. Future walk-in hours are by appointment only.
  • Lactation care specialists do not make house calls, but keep in touch by telephone or video.
  • Out of hygienic considerations, we welcome only 1 companion per child (also no brothers or sisters) at our youth healthcare centre. We also kindly request you to keep a fair amount of distance to one another (minimal 1.5 metres). Are you a single parent with young children? Please contact our location before your visit, so that we can offer a suitable solution.
  • Please check our poster, that shows our hygienic measures and new working methods. You can also find the poster on the entry doors of our youth healthcare centres. We strongly advise you to read them, before entering our centres.

Appointments 22 week vaccination (whooping cough)
Did you know that whooping cough for babies is far more dangerous than the Corona virus? If you get the 22 week vaccination, it does not increase the risk of contracting Corona, nor does it effect the course of the disease. In other words, mothers who are vaccinated do not contract the Corona virus faster or get a more severe variant of Corona. All in all, it is still very wise to get the 22 week vaccination.

Appointments heel prick (screening)
The heel prick appointments are still scheduled at your home, if your baby and yourself do not suffer from a fever (>38 degrees Celsius) and if the baby is in the presence of no more than 1* healthy companion. We ask the companion to wear a face mask. Our neonatal screeners will also wear a face mask. Before our visit, we will contact you by phone or text message to inventorise if a family member suffers from a cold, cough, sore throat, signs of influenza and/or a fever. If  the baby or family members do have a fever, the screeners may pay a home visit with protective clothing. The heel prick can be administered  in the living room of your home (not in your bedroom) and preferably close to the front door. One* healthy companion may accompany the infant, while respecting the 1.5 metre distance to the nurse. If the infant appears restless and the screening cannot be done, the companion may hold the baby, even if this means that the 1.5 metre distance cannot be realised.

*Upon request and in close collaboration with our staff, we may allow more than 1 healthy companion to accompany the infant. 

Appointments hearing test
The government has decided to temporarily cancel the hearing test for newborns, out of security reasons. As of the 24th of March, all scheduled appointments are therefore cancelled. This temporary measure, meant to minimise Corona-outbreak risks, is at least effective until 6 April. We are investigating with other parties how and when we can carry out the cancelled hearing tests at a later date. Needless to say that we will inform all parents of children who are waiting for a hearing test of this new approach, as soon as we have more clarity on it. Please also check our website regularly:

Cold, cough or fever: please stay home!
We call upon your help and duty to limit the risks of contamination at our locations. That is why we kindly request pregnant women, parents and children who suffer from a bad cold, coughing or a fever (>38C) to not visit our youth healthcare centres, in accordance with the regulations of the RIVM, and reschedule your appointment. We also request all to keep a fair amount of distance to one another.

How to cancel your visit?
Please contact the Appointment desk promptly by phone (040 2 308 020). The local youth healthcare centre will consequently call you and offer consultation by telephone as an alternative if possible. If a visit in person is required, we check the available openings (at the location) and set the appointment accordingly.

At the moment there may be no reason to cancel appointments at your local youth healthcare centre. This can change however, if we receive new advice or if the number of staff on sick leave increases. We follow all preventive measures that the RIVM advises, such as washing hands with soap regularly, coughing and sneezing on the inside of your elbow and the usage of paper handkerchiefs.

The Netherlands has a structure in which doctors, laboratories, GGDs and RIVM’s National Coordination Structure for Infectious Disease Cotrol (LCI) work closely together to combat outbreaks of infectious disease. This structure has functioned effectively in comparable situations in the past. As you may know we are in close contact with the GGD and they are in close contact with the RIVM. We follow their advice. Both organisations have their own website, where they publish frequently asked questions (FAQ), and share advice to signal and prevent new Corona outbreaks.

Needless to say that we monitor the situation closely and keep you updated if new developments come up.